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Regular maintenance of your CCTV system is essential to ensure that the system remains reliable at all times. Regular maintenance by VP Networks can help identify potential problems at an early stage to help avoid problems in the future. 

To help you get the best from your CCTV system, we can help with firmware upgrades, calibrating existing cameras to get the best picture possible, adding additional cameras to your system, 

Our Maintenance service includes the below: 

  • Visually inspect all major components and connections

  • Check all control equipment (DVR, NVR) etc

  • Check mains & power supplies and stand-by batteries

  • Check environmental conditions, including growth or shrubbery obscuring camera views

  • Check time and date settings in equipment and update the settings as appropriate

  • Check integrity of all cabling 

  • Clean cameras, lenses and housing surfaces 

  • Clean control equipment surfaces including PC (if applicable)

  • Verify if regular back-ups are taken

  • Check cameras are aligned to user specification

  • Check brackets, towers and fixings for corrosion or damage.

  • Check quality of recording during day and night

  • Check remote viewing if needed

  • Check warning signs are in place

  • Check all PTZ camera presets

If you would like any more information please contact us.

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