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Network Cabling

Data Cabling

If your business is changing, relocating or needs some more data outlets installed, we can help with your data cabling installation and data cabling project. We tailor our cabling solutions to your needs to ensure you receive a cost-effective and bespoke network design.

We work to ensure a reliable network infrastructure, reducing the risk of signal loss, interference, and data transmission errors. To give our customers uninterrupted connectivity, enabling efficient communication and data transfer across your network. 

Future-proofing – we consider factors such as growth, technological advancements, and future business needs when designing your cabling system. We design for scalability, allowing your network infrastructure to accommodate additional devices, increased data volumes, and emerging technologies without needing significant modifications in the future.

We will work with you on your entire project from inception to completion, covering all IT and network-related aspects of your operations, including cable management, WiFi installation and management.

  • UTP, FTP and STP structured cabling systems

  • Single-mode, multimode, fibre optic cabling

  • Scalable network switching.

  • Full project design & planning service

  • Installation of cabinets, racks, open frames etc.

  • Professional end-to-end project management

  • Comprehensive testing


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